Rules – Things to remember

To jam on a comic is a whole lot of fun – but it’s important to remember some rules of good conduct, in order to also make it fun for the next (and previous) artists. From experience we have learned that it is very easy for a comicjam to blow up in our faces, lose focus and drift off into an abyss of absolute nonsense.

To avoid this, we have set up some ground rules. Pay GOOD ATTENTION to them, or your page MAY GET DISQUALIFIED.

The main rules, unless stated otherwise in the individual comicjams, are as follows:

1 Don’t jump in time or space or dimensions. Breaking these rules is the lazy mans way out of a tough page – so don’t do it. If you can’t come up with a page that don’t break this rule, it’s better to not do the page at all, and let the next artist in line have a go at it.

2 At least the first panel on a new page, should to be a direct continuation of the last scene on the previous page. If the last scene on the previous page was set in “Tom and Merrys garden”, don’t start the new page on the dark side of the moon. Again, changing scene as the first thing, is the lazy mans way out of a tough page. Work with it.

3 Don’t “drop a bomb“. You can only hint at “a bomb”. If you DO drop a bomb, it HAS to have been hinted at on a previous page. And by “bomb” we mean any number of things … like don’t introduce a wacky new character – or kill of an old one, unless it actually makes good sense. Use your common sense and don’t blow things up.

4 Whatever you do, make sure you do your best at continuing faithfully from the previous pages. This should be the most obvious thing in the world – but it’s not always. Making a page that really flows from the previous one is what makes a comicjam a joy to read afterwards. Remember, comicjamming is a game we play WITH each other – not AGAINST each other. You should always read the entire comicjam you a going to work on, but it’s a good idea to re-read the last 4-5 pages over and over again, until you fully have a good grasp on the current situation.


If you don’t follow these four simple rules, your page MAY GET DISQUALIFIED! So pay attention to them, otherwise all your hard work may have been for nothing! The administrators of CJ have the right to turn down pages from anyone who don’t follow the rules. If you are uncertain about the rules, and what you can and can’t do, just drop the administrators a line, and we’ll reply asap. Or better yet, visit the forum!

Here are some of the more practical things to remember:

  • When it’s your turn to jam, you have exactly TEN DAYS to finish your page and upload it to the site.
  • Your page must be EXACTLY 1000 pixel in width.

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