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If you have been part of the comicjam community since the old GCJ-days (going back to 2003) you KNOW the trials this site has gone through. Since the last meltdown of the site – sometime during 2008 – we have been dormant with no place to read and play this fun little creative game we like oh-so-much revolving around comic jams.

Today, 4 April 2013, I am very pleased to announce that we once again have a playground. It’s now called – and you are looking at it right this moment!

Since I bought the new domain name, I have been working day and night to gets this thing set up. All of the regular comicjams are now online again, which consist of more than 750 comic pages. And let me tell you: it has not been easy. It has taken me some three weeks. The only thing I had on my computer was the old pages. I didn’t have the names of the creators, nor the date of which they were created. Therefor I have spent a long time on the “Wayback Machine” – which is an online resource, that has taken “snapshots” of old websites for many years, including

My first priority has been to set the right date for the uploads. That means that if you check under the comic pages of the first jams, you’ll see they are registered as having been created on “1 December 2003”. About 95% of the pages are registrered on their correct date of creation, and the last 5% I just had to make an educated guess – I couldn’t find any reference online.

My second priority has been to credit each page to their creator. This has been slightly tougher, as not all creators has signed their names. Also, this process had to happen quickly, so I didn’t have time to inspect each and every page. I would say about 80% of the pages are credited. If you find a page that is without a credit, and you know who the creator is, feel free to write a comment below the page, or drop me an email, and I’ll have it fixed asap.

There are still some comic pages missing on the new site (not from the regular jams – they are ALL there!), but they’ll get there sooner or later. Like, I want to have all the contributions to the yearly create-a-jam contests online. Unfortunately I am still without a solution to the old popular ChaosJam. The ChaosJam was the comic where anyone could make a page at any time they wanted, continuing from any previous page they wanted. If anyone knows of a system that can handle this kind of expanding story in a visual way, please let me know!!!

The site is about 98% finished. I’ll be tinkering behind the scenes for a while to get everything just right, feel free to let me know if you come across something that doesn’t look right.

As you may have noticed, I have placed five empty placeholder icons for brand new comicjams on the main page. That means that SOON we’ll have some all new stories to sign up for. They won’t start all at once, but I have some very specific ideas for each one of them. Stay tuned!

Also, we now have a new Page on Facebook. If you want to make sure you get the latest news and updates, make sure you sign up today. If you are not on Facebook, sign up for our RSS feed, or do it old school style: visit the site every day!!! 🙂

That’s it from me today. All the jams are set up, and ready to be played with again. If you would rather jam on new stories, I completely understand … then you’ll just have to wait a bit! 😉

-Kim Lyng Larsen


  1. wrote on April 4th, 2013 at 5:57 pm

    Michael Blomsterberg

    Kim, I/we owe you a lot. This is souch an amazing work. I am deffinately looking forward to jam again!

    • wrote on April 5th, 2013 at 9:36 am

      Kim Lyng Larsen

      Thanks Michael – I look forward to do some jamming too! 🙂

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