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What is a comicjam?

Basically a comicjam is a comic done by multiple artists, often without a script to work from. One artist does the first page, and then another artist continues on page two, doing his (or hers) best job to make a coherent story. Then a third and fourth and a fifth artist takes over, and it continues untill a natual ending has been drawn.

What is comicjams.net?

Are you associated with the old globalcomicjam.com site?

Is there a deadline?

So... I can draw and do whatever I want to...?

I wanna do a page!

Can I start a comicjam on your site?

Do you have a script I should work from?

Do I have to do it in black/white or color?

Can I turn in a penciled page?

I did a page... where should I email it to?

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